Beeswax is another one of our new favorite materials, as we hunt for some magnificent beeswax-based products to bring to you. The use of beeswax for health and beauty purposes is ubiquitous, and has been, for thousands of years. Its rare properties make it one of nature’s most magical and versatile products.

Even at the inception of beeswax, its uses are already remarkable. The honeycomb structures that bees create are architectural feats, achieving the maximum space for the cells with the least amount of beeswax, while also being extremely sturdy.

For us humans, the potential uses of beeswax are seemingly infinite: historically it has been used as a unit of trade, as material for statues and writing tablets, for bow making, for strengthening sewing thread, as a sealant for firearms, as an adhesive, for waterproofing, and the list goes on. Two of our own favorite beeswax products are candles and polish for wood and furniture.
Try this eco-friendly and economical beeswax home application:
Photography by Michael Gross