We are adding an exciting new category to our blog, showcasing some of our favorite–new and old–must-reads.

In the spirit of newness, today’s must-read features the premiere issue of the journal Gather. This brand new journal is part recipes, part gorgeous photography, with playful tidbits and whimsical food stories intermixed.

Summer commands this edition of the bi-annual publication, which is completely curated around the season, including a guiding theme of “float,” meant to represent “a certain buoyancy” embodied by the year’s warmest months.

The name of the journal itself is also multi-dimensional, as it refers to both the gathering of food and the gathering of people for the ensuing meal, placing a double emphases on community, which is also important to us here at Hudson Made.

Some unusual summery treats include gazpacho water, grilled pomegranate chicken with bulgur salad, and mango aloe jelly.

Check out their website for locations currently shelving the first issue, or you can buy it online, along with some other seasonal knick-knacks.