While reading up on beeswax for our previous post, we inevitably came across the magical properties of its sibling, honey. Honey has it all. Its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties make it a powerful booster for energy and the immune system, a facilitator for digestion and for weight loss, a sobering agent, a healing agent, a free radical eliminator, and everything in between.

As far as healing goes, honey can be put on cuts or scalds and it will prevent bacteria from entering, as well as soothe the wound. It can also treat minor acne by killing the bacteria and healing the skin, making it a natural antiseptic. So much for Neosporin!

There are also variations between light and dark honeys. Dark honey is generally stronger in flavor and comes from the nectar of flowers such as buckwheat, and is stronger in antioxidants. Lighter honey, such as that from the nectar of clover and orange blossom is milder, and works best in tea. Honey can also be “single-flower” honey or will be called “wildflower” if it has come from multiple flower varieties.

On top of all this, honey is also delicious. Heat peeled and thinly sliced ginger with a strip of lemon rind, water and honey to a boil. Add lemon juice and tea bags to steep for a pot of nutritious tea, sure to give your immune system and energy level a boost!