The latest addition to Hudson Made’s roster of artisan suppliers is Brooklyn Grooming, a company not yet a year old, and one we’re happy to announce as our Artisan of the Month for December. Founded by “alchemist in another life” Mckenzie Santiago and designer Alfredo Catedral, they offer a superb line of men’s grooming products, hand-made from all-natural, organic ingredients.

McKenzie Santiago of Brooklyn Grooming

Recently we were invited to Brooklyn Grooming’s Bushwick studio/laboratory where Mckenzie chatted with us about her processes. What we learned is they source each of their ingredients from a certified organic farm in Oregon where, she says, “they have the highest quality of oils, butters and waxes that I’ve ever used.”

Here in Brooklyn, Mckenzie combines those components to create a wonderful collection including facial serum, pre-shave oil, beard oil, mustache wax and even a tattoo balm.

Hudson Made is thrilled to bring you Brooklyn Grooming’s entire line of products in two scents:

Fort Greene is “modern and timeless.” Named for the northwest Brooklyn neighborhood, it pays homage to the area’s rich musical history. With its invigorating aromas of juniper and rosemary pleasantly balanced by soft lavender and bergamot, you can use this scent to channel your inner playboy.

Brooklyn Grooming's Fort Greene line

Red Hook is an “uplifting” nod to that area’s navy yard, cruise terminals and industrial history that also reflects the passion of the south Brooklyn neighborhood’s burgeoning artist community. Scented with West Indies bay rum and spiced with intensely aromatic cardamom, it is for the thrill-seeking swashbuckler in all of us.

With their products packaged in old-fangled medicine dropper bottles and vintage-style pomade tins, Brooklyn Grooming’s apothecary aesthetic recalls classic elegance and suggests a time when quality was grander than quantity, when artistry and excellence were paramount. That level of quality and care extends beyond just a visual motif, as Mckenzie whips up each batch by hand, ensuring that precision and artistry are steeped into every item they sell.

She gave us the rundown of her secret recipes and let us sample each of her treasures:

The Gentlemen’s Facial Serum is one that Mckenzie actually uses herself. It is a highly nutritive and reparative blend of plant and tree oils (including pumpkin seed and kukui nut) that acts as a moisture balancer for all skin types.

The Classic Shave Oil combines avocado, sesame and castor oils along with vitamin E to create an alternative to chemical foams and shave creams. The resulting emollient, based on a classic recipe, naturally lubricates the hair allowing for a burn-free, smooth shave that is soothing to the skin.

Brooklyn Grooming

Organic sesame and hempseed oils provide the foundation for the Classic Beard Oil which adds moisture and fragrance to beards of any size. And by introducing moisture to the follicle, it can stimulate beard growth. (We’ve been using it ever since our visit, and the beard really is growing noticeably faster.)

The Mustache Wax puts an all-natural spin on the classic goop used to give shape, hold and pliancy to the whiskers. Thicker and denser than any ‘stache wax we’ve tried before, this blend of shea butter, castor oil and beeswax will add panache without the feeling you’ve glued the hair in place.

Finally the Tattoo Balm, which is unscented, is a calming salve created especially for inked skin using shea butter, vitamin E and hempseed oil. If you have tattoos old or new, you can use this as a healthy alternative to everyday petroleum-based ointments.

The idea that “what’s old is new again” is one that really speaks to us at Hudson Made. We recognize that old wisdom, craftsmanship and ingenuity are key ingredients in quality. And because Brooklyn Grooming represents our philosophy of locally-based artisanship, we welcome them to the family and congratulate them as December’s Artisan of the Month!

Sloan Rollins is a freelance writer who contributes regularly to Hudson Made’s ecommerce site. His work has been seen in Time Out New York, and he is a music and theater critic for