Jao Brand Beardscent has been flying off our shelves so we thought we’d break down what makes it a perfect product.

When it comes to the olfactory sense, first impressions are important and lasting. The only thing worse than having an undesirable odor and realizing it is having an undesirable odor and not realizing it. Before science confirmed, Proust himself knew the undeniable imprint that smell leaves on memory. So do yourself a favor and make that memory a good one.

Milder than cologne or perfume, Jao Brand Beardscent is compact, portable, airplane-friendly, and its scent is natural and subtle. It can not only perfume a beard, but also soften hands, feet and cuticles, tame flyaways, provide a shield against cold winds, seal in moisture, and heal chapped skin. With the added therapeutic quality, it’s basically the new frontier in fragrance.

A product so simple yet so necessary…you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.