Continuing our fascination with the by-products of our favorite little friends, honeybees, we are in serious awe of the benefits of burning pure beeswax candles. Most of us are aware of the subtly both sweet and floral, warm scent of beeswax, and also that beeswax’s high melting point allows it to burn slower, drip less, and release zero smoke into the air.

But are you aware of the mystical feature of beeswax candles that lies in basic chemistry? Beeswax releases negative ions into the air, which subsequently attach themselves to the positive ions, which are housing airborne things like dust, mold and other toxins and allergens. These ions then fall to the ground and away from our noses. Magical!

Goodbye, allergens! Goodbye, stress! Feel calmed and cleansed with candles made from nature’s most perfect ingredient.